Seek Your Purpose with Courage. Create a Memorable Legacy.

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Posted by Aaron Lumpkin on July 3, 2014 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (276)

The best song has not been composed; the most fascinating book has not been written; the finest speech has not been delivered; and the greatest game has not been played. Become the best and you will transcend your everyday life. (Excerpt from Are You Living to Die or Dying to Live? What Will Your Legacy Be?)


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What masterpiece will we leave with the world--a song, poem, book, great thought, or kind deed? What do we want to accomplish before we leave the earth? How will people remember us? Each day we awaken to another opportunity: this day is everything. We have the chance to make an impact again, but we must be careful not to relive our past over and over, for suddenly one day the journey will end. (Excerpt from Are You Living to Die or Dying to Live? What Will Your Legacy Be?)


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     People who find meaning in life possess an important quality: They let life teach them. They learn from the good and the bad, the wise and the foolish, the strong and the weak, the winners and the losers. They understand that life is teaching them and that lessons can be found in practically every situation and experience. They understand that life is a training ground that makes them what they will ultimately become.


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     Men and women who become successful break out of the mold of conformity. These people see the bigger picture in their home and social life, but  also in their life at work. At work, these people are willing to try new projects, take some risks, and meet problems head-on. Average people tend to be more passive in their attitudes and they take a "come what may" attitude. Breaking out of the mold of doing things the way they have always been done is generally more difficult for women.

     Many women try to please everyone and play it safe. Women are conditioned to play certain roles far more than society realizes. The truth is that women are people who are extremely interested in living rewarding and meaningful lives. Women are often perceived by themselves and others in unrealistic and stereotyped ways. Girls are taught from childhood to act certain ways. Some girls are uninterested in competing against boys, choosing rather to stay in the background. Girls are often taught to be passive so they don't try to become all they are capable of being.

     You can be positive, confident, and courageous as a woman and live a more meaningful life. Don't wait for society to advance because if you do you will have a long wait. Remember, what happens to you is up to you. Focus on raising your level of awareness about yourself and realize that the possibilities in your life are endless.

     (Excerpt from You Can Be Positive Confident and Courageous.)  


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     Letting people run over you can become a habit. Notice a group of young kids playing and you can see this clearly. When one child has a bad incident with a bully, the child becomes a little gun-shy. The child's feelings will spill over into his relationships with other children, who now see that the child can be used, manipulated, or easily frightened. Actually, the child could deal with other children but now he doesn't believe he can. These feelings may follow the child all his life. You may be this child.

     You might as well be confident and courageous. Which is worse: being humiliated, used, and beaten up, or trying to stand on your own? Which behavior would make you feel better? Try to focus on being more confident and you will find more enjoyment in life.

     (Excerpt from You Can Be Positive Confident and Courageous.) 


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People who live the most meaningful and exciting lives are spontaneous, funny, compassionate, flirtatious, curious, playful, spiritual, exciting, kind, tolerant and helpful to others. They bring so much to the lives of everyone around them. They help others and they spend time with children. They try to make the world a better place rather than feeling like a victim of life. They work hard to overcome the obstacles that life has given them. They know that they are here for a reason and that their lives have purpose. They don't need other people to determine their value and worth. They don't lose interest in life and they realize that everyday is an exciting adventure. They fully realize that they get one chance at life--and that chance is right now.