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Aaron Lumpkin - Author


Quotes I recommend that you take some time to read Mr. Lumpkin's work. It is not often we find someone dedicated to sharing their experiences. This unique books allows us a peek into a father and son and their insights into life's journey. Quotes
Rhonda Venable, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Quotes This book is written from the unique perspective of a man with cancer who knows his days are numbered. Aaron challenges us to live each day to its fullest. He gives specific and practical guidance on how to make sure our past destructive beliefs are not making the choices for our lives today. Aaron shares his own struggles with alcohol, self-esteem, and past negative programming, and teaches us to face those demons head-on. He challenges each one of us to look deeply at ourselves, to look for what's getting in the way of being the best person we can be. Aaron's encouragement to help us be self-aware helps us all to have more empathy and love for our fellow man. I highly recommend this book. Quotes
Gary Faith
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Quotes In You Get One Shot at Life, Aaron Lumpkin engages us in a friendly but persuasive exploration of the fleeting nature of life and the meaning of our individual lives. Relentless in his efforts to convince us of the urgency to take action, Lumpkin coaches, prods, and questions as a benevolent Dutch uncle who has taken his share of hard knocks--and wants better for us. His straightforward, conversational style makes for an easy read and an irresistible approach to the pursuit of change and ultimately happiness. Quotes
Michael W. Propper, M.D,
Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Vanderbilt

Quotes Aaron Lumpkin shares from his life experiences a practical book of guidance. It is filled with stories and good advice on how to travel well through life. There are thoughts on "what to do" and "what not to do" to be successful in life. Mr. Lumpkin is a man of faith and his spiritual insights are meaningful. Quotes
Frank Scott, PH. D.
Family Life Minister, Madison Church of Christ