Aaron Lumpkin - Author


Are You Living to Die or Dying to Live? What Will Your Legacy Be?


Are You ready to die? If there were the slightest possibility you could develop deeper insights, thoughts, and understanding, wouldn't you want to do it? This powerful positive guide emphasizes the urgency to celebrate every day so you can create a memorable legacy. Be inspired to live with passion, courage, hope, and faith.Strengthen your desire to overcome self-defeating behavior patterns that may be holding you back from achieving the extraordinary quality of life you want. Discover insights to help you find the meaning and purpose you seek. Also included are encouraging words from Josh Lumpkin, Aaron's twenty-two-year-old son who describes the challenges of being a young person today. Discover that life is truly a celebration. Above all, you will see aspects of your life that may need to be changed, so when the end comes, you can know that you lived the best life possible.

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