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Aaron Lumpkin - Author

                                                                                                               Author Biography

Aaron Lumpkin is an author, philosopher, inspirational speaker, father, and husband. He was born in Cuthbert, Georgia (USA) on October 16, 1951.  Aaron lived an average, uneventful life until he discovered that life can be an extraordinary adventure.  He realized that all people possess the remarkable ability to reach for high levels of life satisfaction and meaning.  In 1985, he began writing about the value of cultivating a positive self-image and knowing that life is a journey to be cherished now.  His books have been published in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Nigeria.

Lumpkin was somewhat shy and reserved. He lived in the country so he had a lot of time to think about life---why people act certain ways, and why things are the way they are. All this thinking led to loneliness and confusion, which led to addiction, low self-esteem, and self-destructive programming.

Aaron was ultimately able to overcome the negatives in his life, and he felt that his experiences were significant enough to share with others. He has published three encouraging self-help books: YOU GET ONE SHOT AT LIFE--AIM FOR SUCCESS in 2006, and YOU CAN BE POSITIVE CONFIDENT AND COURAGEOUS in 2001. In September 2014, he released his new book: ARE YOU LIVING TO DIE OR DYING TO LIVE? WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE?

Aaron attended Tennessee State University, David Lipscomb University, and Volunteer State Community College. He has Associate of Science Degrees in Business and Education, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Arts and Sciences with emphasis in the Social Sciences. He has also read and studied many of the world's greatest books.

Aaron lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee with his lovely wife, Judy and amazing son, Joshua. Judy is a retired elementary school teacher who loves life and dispenses her wry humor daily. Josh is studying to be an athletic trainer and contributed significantly to Aaron's new book.

Aaron Lumpkin's new book, Are You Living to Die or Dying to Live? What Will Your Legacy Be? is available at, a Division of Thomas Nelson Publishers, and major online retailers in paperback, hardcover, and ebook formats.