Seek Your Purpose with Courage. Create a Memorable Legacy.

Aaron Lumpkin - Author

                                                           ANNOUNCING THE RELEASE OF AARON LUMPKIN'S NEW BOOK

                                                Are You Living to Die or Dying to Live? What Will Your Legacy Be?

 Are you ready to die? If there was the slightest possibility you could develop deeper insights, thoughts, and understanding, wouldn't you want to do it? This powerful, positive guide emphasizes the urgency to celebrate every day so you can create a memorable legacy. Be inspired to live with passion, courage, hope, and faith. Improve your ability to develop warm relationships with others. Strengthen your desire to conquer self-defeating behavior patterns that may be holding you back from achieving the extraordinary quality of life you want. Discover insights to help you find the meaning and purpose you seek.

Also included are encouraging words from Josh Lumpkin, Aaron's 22-year-old son, who describes the challenges of being a young person today. Both men find richer, more meaningful lives than either thought possible as they discuss the differences between generations and the importance of creating "life moments"---times that our families and friends will remember forever.

You'll laugh and you'll cry as you discover that life is truly a celebration. Above all, you will see aspects of your life that may need to be changed, so when the end comes, you will know that you lived....the best life possible.

Included are:

  • Ways to create memorable legacies.
  • A positive letter to cancer patients.
  • Ways to encourage young girls and women.
  • Aaron Lumpkin's story.
  • Amusing stories from the 1960s south.
  • Encouraging and insightful thoughts for young people and parents.
  • Insights to help fight addiciton and poor self-esteem.
  • Inspiration to live with hope and faith.

This invaluable resource will help you live a better life. Begin your new journey today. The book is available at, a Division of Thomas Nelson Publishers; to order click the following link: and major online retailers in paperback, hardcover, and ebook formats.